Set 12 palloni da calcio Joma Dali II


Pallone da calcio Joma Dalì II mis. 5

Prezzo di listino € 21,00 scontato a € 12,00.

Quantitativo minimo acquistabile 12.


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Football ball good for ground, artificial grass and firm ground. Hand stitched.

Outer material is soft-touch TPU with EVA foam backing. That insures the durability and softness of the ball. The Dali II Ball is constructed with classical hand stitched technology with 5 ply thread that provides us with high quality stitching and strong bound. 4 ply poly-cotton lining system increases the strength, power & controal. Shinny surface combined with 32 panel contruction for optimum aerodynamic control. This ball retains its shape and weight in all weather condition for best performance.

Upper: Soft Touch 0.2mm TPU with 1.8mm EVA foam.

Linning: 4 Way advance balanced Lining System (65/35)

Material: 20% TPU 35% EVA Foam 45% Poly Cotton

Size: 5

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